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Snowy Egret
Egreta thula

Ambergris is blessed with almost every species of Ciconiiforme found in the New World. Some are easy
to identify because of obvious color differences like the Tiger Heron, the yellow crowned Green Heron, or
the mature Reddish Egret. Others have odd shaped bills like the Boat Billed Heron. However, identifying the
island’s Great White Heron from the Great Egret, Snowy Egret or immature Little Blue Heron sometimes
requires a closer look. I think I’ve got a system that can make it easy. The color of the eyes, bill and legs
seem to be the key.
BIG WHITE BIRD                    FEET                 BILL              LEGS
Great Egret                             Black             Yellow           Black
Snowy Egret                         Orange             Black           Black
Cattle Egret                            Orange         Yellow             Orange
(Young) Little Blue Heron     Black            Yellow            w/black tip Greenish
Great Blue Heron (morph)  Yellow           Yellow               Yellow
Reddish Egret(young)           Black       Pink w/black tip     Grayish Blue

The chart can be used as a short cut to recognition. By applying it, you can gain a background that
took most of the old birders several years to acquire. It has always amazed me how, when I identify a bird,
I suddenly see it everywhere.
I hope this list helps Ambergriseans to become aware of the multitude of birds with which we live,
or at any rate, avoid pointing with the comment, “Look! A Big White Bird.

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Beautiful bird and great system. thanks

It really works,

Ваша веб-страничка на LJ удивительная.
Я люблю вас фотографии.
Я рассмеялся в знак на столе, что говорит:'Please don't feed the birds' :-)

when I make foto of the birds I always remember about you and hope may be you realy like it, because not so much people likes the birds as you:)

One day I will need this table:) Great picture.

let me know when were going diving.

Most of the mangrove shots are taken from my boat. The new VR feature helps keep the shots from having motion blur.

I like that (0V0)
hea how did you do that?

это я птичку пыталась нарисовать таким образом.
значит невнятно вышло.

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