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Young Night Heron
In the world of Aves from the family of Ardeidae is Nyctanassa violacea commonly known as The Yellow
Crowned Night Heron.
It’s a resident breeder in Belize from Ambergris Caye to Punta Gorda this rare and unusual Heron is
thriving, but it is seldom seen.
This stocky, black and gray nocturnal heron roosts camouflaged during the day in the salty mangroves
and freshwater habitats of the mainland.
One of Bubbas many bird books says,’ at night they forage in the shallows. The males stand up to 24”
tall and have a bold head pattern of black with white cheeks, red eyes and of course a yellow crown. The
juvenile and female are brown with some thin white edges to the feathers.’
Another of his books says,’ Night Heron are crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk) and are nocturnal
feeders.’ but I’ve seen them forage in the daytime during the nesting season, probably to feed extra
They are strictly carnivorous and prefer crabs. Their long legs and neck allow them to forage in aquatic
habitats such as Belize’s Caribbean shoreline behind the barrier reefs and along the banks of its many
Bubba said there numbers are increasing in Belize and this is probably due to this country having placed
one-fifth of its land mass in nature reserves many years ago..

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Thanks. I took this yesterday while cruising the mangroves in back.

!!! радует глаз

!!! радует глаз translates into english 'as Pleases the eye', I like that.

Edited at 2008-10-22 02:35 pm (UTC)

oh, next time i`ll comment in enlish:)

I like the Russian comments . I'm learning and I think so much of it is poetic.

как пожелаете:)

очень хорошо.

I got a sea and sea 10megpixel for my birthday and I'm going underwater with it as soon as the rain stops . its been raining for three weeks . if it doesn't stop soon I can use the cameras in my back yard.

It can be used under the rain!

I posted this this morning , were proud around here today.

Hey, I believe I saw one of those in Argentina (Tierra del Fuego National Park) two years ago:
Short neck

I think this is the juvenile 'Black' Crowned Night heron. even more rare. good shot.

Oh, thanks for the ID.
Thank yout!

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