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Yesterdays Rain Clouds

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We have had over twenty inches of rain lately and its changing my back yard into a lagoon.

Thanks, Its the up side of all the bad weather.

(Deleted comment)
I see you interested in Photo Shop.
I still relative new to it.
My goal has been to depict as close to reality as I can, using PS to just render more accurately.
Because of my primary subject being Birds I'm trying to show them as they are, for identification purposes.
In the case of this cloud, it was really that color but smart sharpen, contrast and brighten helps see that as a jpeg on the computer screen.
Digital is big fun for me. these rainy days are spent at a terminal with PS.

(Deleted comment)
living by the sea the sky seems bigger, if that can be true.

If you male more foto of yours sea I will very glad!:)

Мне нравилось Визит вы LJ сайте
'La · Vita · Bella! · La · Dolce · Vita...'
очень хороший сайт.
Да я сделать несколько фотографий из моего моря для вас.

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