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Turkey Vulture , 'Pasturelands of Belize'
Cathartes aura

wingspan 174 cm
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(Deleted comment)
Eating this deer is a service to the rancher. The deers remains can become a health hazard to live stock if left to rot.

Закусочные этой олень является услуга по ранчо. Оленей-прежнему может стать опасным для здоровья стада, если оставить на гниль.

Ther are 4 Vultures in Belize this one is the Black Vulture

he look like someone from another planet:)
my version:

Есть 4 Vultures в Белизе это является Черный гриф

They do that.
translation of the latin name is 'Father of the coffin'

Good day (even if it's a night)!

Let me invite you to join a photo-community photo_guild_org that is out of any specific subject but photography and that is intended to be not just a photo publishing site but a virtual club of LJ photographers as well.

Basic principles of the club are:
-- attentive members preview. Careful publishing, ability to communicate with respect to colleagues and some minimal skills level in photography are the criteria when considering invitation of an author.
-- club members take part in decisions which in most other places is responsibility of a single person (or of a closed small group).
-- easy publishing and comfortable communications.

At the same time this club should be treated neither as an elitist community of extra-class masters, nor best-of-the-best photo collection nor a "wow-great" day nursery. You will find there also some number of beginners as well as works awaiting and willing for criticism. And it will be a suitable place for putting of honest opinions so that the authors get the direction to evolve.

Club has already started functioning but hasn't fully completed some initiating actions. 20 first most active members will get a status of the club seniors allowing permanent participation in the club committee.

To obtain a club senior status you should be one of the first 20 authors who has posted 3 pictures (not in a single row) to the Photo-Guild community. After that you will have also confirm your consent to take part in govering the community by accepting further invitation to the Photo-Guild's Board of Seniors community photo_guild_snr.

Along with the message you should receive an LJ community invitation. Please visit page http://www.livejournal.com/manage/invites.bml to check it.

If you have any questions regarding the community or something technical goes wrong with joining the community please contact me right here or by e-mail photoguild.driver A T gmail.com.

Hope you will enjoy the idea. So see you in the club.
Regards, Vladimir Zotov.

Я горжусь по приглашению

Real good...4 national geo)!

Yea I'm kinda like that.

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