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Mangrove Swallow from 'Pasturelands of Belize'
Tachycineta albilinea

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Oversharp, IMHO. If you understand what I mean...

yep I agree and thanks
I'll real it back 50%


Спасибо вам

Спасибо вам

It was a difficult bird to capture with camera.
Quick and rarely still.
never coming to a bird feeder.
Было трудно птица захватить с камерой.
никогда не выездной птица подачи.

У вас замечательные фотографии!

Спасибо вам
I have a lot of fun.

Your underwater photos are amazing

Thanks, it's plenty of fun too!

Man! You must have a kickass zoom on that camera to be able to take THAT detailed of a picture without that bird flying off. (That you're REALLY good at sneaking up on them.)

I got a 400 nikon zoom, i took this out the car window, but dont tell anyone :-)

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