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Pasturelands, Fork-Tailed Flycatcher in Belize
Tyrannus savana

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The cattle rub against the fence to scratch their itches and it deposits hair on the barbwire. It then becomes a good supply of strong nesting material.
This photo was taken in Belize at the Gallon Jug Ranch.

(Deleted comment)
I had to look that up ;-)
I think its postured to hunt,searching for a careless bug flying over the grass tops.
But 'proud', hummmm what would Rorschach say about that:-)

i love it!!! great
shot. really


Thank You thank you

Wow, that is a beautiful shot of such a beautiful bird!

I went out looking for exactly this bird , i got lucky

красивый контраст убийственного железа и хрупкой птички...
p.s. фон немного ядовит и дерево слева чуть отвлекает...но все же...отличный кадр!

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