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Edge of the Rainforest
Belize, Las Milpas


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My favorite spot.
edge of the Pasturelands where it meets the Rainforest.

боже мой, как же красиво

Спасибо вам
Я хочу остаться.

Beautiful view!

Природа в Белизе просто шикарная!

over 40% of the country is in reserve.

(Deleted comment)
Luck Cow watcher also
Its the edge of 135,000 acre reserve.
that number impresses me , that's 200 sq miles if my math is good.
it produces the highest density jaguar population in the world

Edited at 2008-12-02 02:18 pm (UTC)

That proves happy cows come from Belize :p

I love the mist/clouds that is hanging over the forest in the distance.

Happy Cow is a Belize cheese product, I didn't know the rest of the world knew about it.
Thanks . This is a special spot the jaguars come out of the rainforest canopy along with loads of deer and turkey exactly here. A very good spot to watch wildlife.

p.s. но хочется чуть больше динамики...может стоило подойти чуть левее, чтобы больше было видно дорогу...была бы перспектива красивая...

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