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Menonite Women on a Sunday afternoon at the river

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I'm Playing with Photo Shop

What did you change? I remember this picture, it was good as is.

Color , contrast, sharpness, I try not to change the reality of a photo . Photo Shop is such a complex tool I don't know that i will ever learn all of it.
I like this photo a lot.

Good-looking girls. But let me ask you a question. Do they ever convert local people and allow them to marry other members of the sect, or they only marry each other?

That is a good question. They never try and convert other people and inbreeding is becoming a problem.
They also have a higher than normal suicide rate.
A very interesting people . I like them a lot, but they do have their share of problems like the rest of the world.

Спасибо, рад что понравилось.:))

I remember this photo from earlier and how I was struck by it then. The arrangement of it! It could never be posed so well - even the wood seeming to frame them.
Then their expressions, from the coy flirt from the young girl to those on the right seeming about to shed tears - and their work-worn hands, with not even a wedding ring, those dark print, almost identical dresses. A really remarkable photograph. Thank you for putting it up.

A favorite of mine for the same kind of reasons. I re-cropped it to include more of the little boy, and the shoes.
subtle things like the these and the ones you mentioned make the photo more interesting.

Какое разное настроение у людей на фото!!!

Да, они очень разные.

(Deleted comment)
A very different life than the main stream, The women are a little like Muslim in that they don't speak and walk behind the male.
not a life for liberal liberated women of the modern world.

(Deleted comment)
:-) I am married to a redhead from California that has brought me into the 20th century and then some.

I am not sure of the religion of the people I see up here who dress similarly. What is odd about them is the men dress in regular fashions, while the women wear prairie dresses and cover their hair. You see them everywhere and the interaction between the men and women seems relatively normal. But the difference between the fashions of the men and women is jarring.

Do you remember the late 80s when those dresses were in style? They were all based on Laura Ashley dresses, which of course, were based on classic prairie/calico dresses. I had a beautiful floral one and a black velvet one that might have been the most luxurious piece of clothing I've ever owned. I wore the floral one long after they went out of style. I made it grungy with high patten leather boots and an old ratty sweater. I wish I still had it, but I washed and wore it so much it faded and became a bit threadbare.

I much prefer to wear dresses, but they aren't practical most of the year here in North Idaho. When I move back south in the spring, I'll be replenishing my dress collection.

These lady's make all their own clothes that's why they look so similar. They also spend a lot of time quilting.

style with out style is the enigma. They believe vanity is a sin and dress according to what they believe is style less,
creating a style in the process.
The men wear suspenders because belts are thought to be decorative, and it is translated law that one should not have 'gilded loins'.

They are wonderful! The miraculous shot:)

У мене аналогічна малюнок, прийняте в той же день, хлопчики.
Я працюю на публікацію сьогодні.

Happy New Year!!!!!ЗДОРОВЬЯ, ЗДОРОВЬЯ, ЗДОРОВЬЯ!! :)))

They are very pretty, especially the younger girl with her hand over her face. The baby in blue looks extremely suspicious of you!

I'm convinced, as much as it seems like they are looking at me, that they didn't see me. They are looking at my Boat pass and it was full of tourist birdwatchers. some of which where wearing small bathing suits that showed a lot of breast.

That would explain the young girl's sweet look. It was one of curiosity and slight embarrassment.

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