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White Ibis Ambergris Caye Belize
Eudocimus albus

 I love jogging in the morning . I took this at 6:30am it 9:30am now. Life is good.

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Part of jogging, for me, is just what you see here.
Все языки используются в моем журнале. Ее не всегда правильной грамматикой, но всегда приветствуются, потому что мы среди друзей. :-)

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(Deleted comment)
I can bitch and moan as good as anyone , ....just in the afternoons :-)
I know I'm lucky. It hasn't always been so, I think some shit is necessary to appreciate knowing when life is good.

Ibises are such beautiful birds. I'm envious of those who live on the east coast near Florida (where my partner grew up) because its another place where those birds make a regular appearance.

Yes east coast Florida is very much ambergris.

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You go jogging with a dSLR and a huge lens???

Yes , I have a special foam based backpack that it carries nicely in. I learned in photojournalism class that camera isn't at home if your a good photographer.


I have an awesome backpack, but you know... it gets REALLY COLD here. Not sure if it's too cold for the camera, but it's too cold to use FINGERS!

OHHHHHHHHHHHH I remember why I live in the tropics now.

Did you move there from somewhere really cold?

so true. I can't even begin to name the number of times where I've kicked myself for not just bringing my camera along for even the most mundane of tasks.

You obviously carry it with you a lot, nice photography on you page.

So beautiful. I love the golden colors against the sky.

thank You
Its that early morning light.

i wonder if these are the same birdies i saw in egypt just a couple of months ago?..

Our Belizean Version

they don't migrate across the atlantic, do they? :o))))

Мое слово в день. :-)

Nice view, too!

... Why I had being not worked in passerines' study after the university and did in ducks': there were several reasons but one of them was that songbirds are waking up too early for mine ;)

Мой отец был военным тренером. Я должен быть с постели быстро и готовы к солнцу расти.
Я старый, но теперь не могу изменить подготовку.

И это хорошо! :)

Really lovely shot! Thanks!

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