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Cormorant Chicks in the nest
Phalacrocorax brasilianus

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Oh god they are just the cutest thing ever. I'll take two to go pls!

big as a chicken already and can't fly yet , big chicks

Awwww my cat would be so scared. She freaks over the gulls up here. I have a tough guard kitty. :P

Great shot, but pongy, though, I'll bet!

Yes , you must know them, very pongy.
risky standing close to the nest also.

I once helped out ringing young European cormorants -- and getting rid of the smell afterwards!!

Oh, I love cormorants. I love the way they hold themselves. It's so sad though, when I was at Point Pelee in southern Ontario this past spring, they were doing a mass cull of cormorants because people were claiming they were hurting Pelee Island's ecology. It was really tragic.

Its true they can completely cover and island in poo.
The trees become completely white covered in it.
and fish being the main meal pongy is a good word for it.

but still cute black fuzzy chicks.

Спасибо вам

у меня раньше был изъян: я был почти равнодушен к птицам... думаю, совсем не случайно мы журналами пересеклись :о)

Ее привыкание.

(Deleted comment)
its very low . I think they get away with it because predators can't swim out to this little island and its safe to nest low, also few trees are very high on these cayes. A strong wind factor is probably some of the logic as well.

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