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Big White Bird

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hi there bubba.. how is it in paradise today? i made it past 2 years sober! :-)

feels good doesn't it.
its good to hear from you i was just wondering yesterday how you where doing.
Best thing i ever did for myself was quit drinking.
Its a process not an event.

Wow.. his head looks like it might fall off. What a skinny neck. Kinda hilarious.

On the other hand, that water looks amazing!

i thought the same thing such a skinny neck , and wow when he swallows a big fish its like a boa eating you can see the lump .
this is outside my dive shop where I work.

Edited at 2009-02-14 04:50 pm (UTC)

Beautiful picture. As usual. :)

Спасибо, рад что понравилось.:))
bubbochka :-)

Lovely, great composition!

Thanks, Its all so much fun, isn't it

Absolutely beautiful Heron!

(Deleted comment)
The Barrier reefs crest is just a little way out.
great diving and snorkeling..
and fishing for birds

I love the colors of the water! Makes his whiteness even more beautiful!

Thanks, in reality my front yard , not the back.:-)

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