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My Dive Shop at the end of the day

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This has been my obsession for the last two months ,getting started in this new location. I'm liking it!
Dive sites are on the reef in front and the trip is short to some great pristine diving.

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Thanks , your a guy that can really appreciate the white line at the horizon is the barrier Reef.
I did something right some where.

what a beautiful little place!=))

I like diving very much. Wish I had money for it >__<

Yes, I clicked "reply" to say exactly the same :)
Not about diving though :)

I'm planning to take another photo a little later and have all the crew in it. I have a great bunch of divemasters and staff.

Yeah its a pricey sport , ....unless your the boss and get to dive for free. http://scubalessonsbelize.blogspot.com/

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Pretty, wear is it located? ie city.state

In Belize C. Amer. on a little island off the coast called Ambergris caye.

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It shocks me when i go off island and see the big citys. your right

You own this diving shop? Wow! It sounds so exotic to me ... :)))

There must be gorgeous sunsets and sunrises there, I bet ...

Its big fun.
Yes it seems to somehow make the sky bigger if that's possible.

Wow, what a location and view. Does it face the right direction for sunset or sunrise?

This is the afternoon. Sun rise is great but it sets on the lagoon side.

Just....wow. What a spectacular spot, seriously. Such a beautiful beach. What's the best thing you've seen diving there?

I've never dived (I'd love to one day), but I go snorkeling up at Green Island on the Great Barrier Reef every now and then, and it's magic. The wildlife is incredible; glorious parrot fish, many different kinds of sharks, tropical marine fish, octopi, hermit crabs...it's a wonderland down there. Oddly enough, when the dive guys found out I'm from Melbourne, they were envious; the diving 'round my area is apparently incredible for 'serious' divers. Great kelp forests with Leafy Sea Dragons, that sort of thing. One of my neighbours is a National Geographic photographer and he's been diving round there recently, taking photos of blue ringed octopi and angler fish. He was absolutely entranced.

Your place looks just incredible.:)

Good place for some rest!

nice bubba.. you have a good life it sounds like! :-)

Its good now that i can remember it ;-)

Wow that's beautiful...how do I move to Belize again?? I don't dive (never even been snorkeling) but I could just sit and listen to the water forever. Do they have a job for that?

Must be hard to get up every day and go to work. NOT.

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