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Worlds Newest Divemaster

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what is this on his shoulder? a sea devil?

I was trying to read that myself, I don't know.

A young man with a New Vocation

Me too, but more of his youth and energy. Divemastering is hard work.

did you certify him bubba? :-)

I have an instructor in the shop that did. Sam has been working hard for this.

i think the smile says it all.

That is a really great move for local guys. More opportunities... and more hard work.

There better than I am because they where born on these waters.

Can I come work with you?

I can't dive, but I can learn!

That's how it beings. Its a fun job, but for me, I only hire Locals. I have a thing about it being their reef and never hire those that are not citizens of Belize.

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