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363 Yucatan Jays the new generation

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I've been watching these guys grow up. What you see here is two sets of children yellow beaks are one year old, black beaks are two. Momma and Papa are in the tree watching.

Fine! The birds look somewhat harlequinally.

How adults look? almost no difference from 2YO ones?

Just a little fatter and scruffed up like the rest of us.

(Deleted comment)
These guys are quickly becoming my favorite bird

I'm gona try and post a photo i took very day for a year.
rule is I have to have taken it within the 24 hour period.
My Photo of the Day Challenge.

That's a brilliant shot!
Are the ones with the black beaks and without the ring around their eyes younger or the female?

Younger and when they are younger still they are white.

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Good dog food in the feeder is the secret, puppy chow.

Good dog food in the feeder is the secret, puppy chow.

wow, i thought they would not like that. Great photo.

They're so beautiful!

Now I know you're making it up!

Yeah, I was suspicious then (hope you can get the paint off)

Wow, I love this shot and those jays are so strikingly colored.

I'm pleased to be able to see them in the feeder.
so many years i just heard about them.

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(Deleted comment)
Jays are scary. Way too aggressive about their nests.

Yes , I agree but these guys are paled by the resident Grackle. It murders, I was fascinated how it kills other birds.
I had to use my BB gun to keep them from taking over my natural aviary.

Grackles are problematic, true, but I'm more self-centered about the jays attacking me, which has happened historically.  Jays seem oblivious to the surroundings in which they nest, at least until they realize they've nested in a tree over a sidewalk next to a bank in a high-traffic downtown area.

So good!!!!
hope all is well... xx

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