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360 Digatal underwater learning
Mycale laxissima
Strawberry vase Sponge


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I was disappointed with my ability to get good shots underwater, its going to take a lot of practice.

I hear it very poison.
touching it would worry me.
i once put my lip on a brown sponge and will never forget it.

numb and bitter a lot like Novocaine with lemon.
talked funny for the rest of the day.

but you got your lesson for ever )
and it's good that you told us this story

i was so disappointed with the photos. its going to take a lot of practice.
This is one of the few i would post.

Extraordinary!! But well named.

A little departure from the birds , hope you don't mind.

Great! Its a heck of a lot of fun.

I assume you lose a lot of light and focussing is a nightmare as you're floating around yourself so you want to keep your shutter speeds short which might be tricky if there isn't enough light....
I'm sure it's fun trying, though. ;o)
Looking forward to seeing more and hearing about your findings.

Are you using a waterproof housing for your D80 or a different, underwater camera?

I bought an underwater Sea and Sea, My D-80 underwater would worry me to much.
its a challenge.
So many things i have seen underwater i want to capture on film.

like this guy, i feel like the photo failed to get how ugly he really is :-)
can you see his eye and mouth?

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