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359 Azure Vase Sponge

Callyspongia pilcifera

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Fluoresces light blue. Just an unreal color for topside.

Easy to shoot things that don’t swim around while you focus and compose

They seem to glow underwater, and that makes them stand out.

hehe it almost makes the sponge look like it has teeth and is coming to get us!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks... i guess, unless i'm smashed ;-)

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I have a dive shop that makes enough money to allow me to enjoy some of these hobbies.

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Thanks for that..
A group of people around me work real hard and offer me a lot of support. I always feel odd taking credit for success or being called boss. Its a big collective effort of friends and reciprocating working agreements.

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Grill away, I grew up in a city, don't miss much about it, but
it makes me able to appreciate what I have.

(Deleted comment)
An intentional move to be near the Caribbean.
I like being in a place you can't starve or freeze to death.
the Diving was the lure.

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