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The House 356
Probably this photo a day challenge is going to cause me to shoot any and everything around me.

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house with green garden around... its our dream! ;)

My wife and i built this ourselves
simple ,modest but love it.

its great!
i hope we have same too ;))

i see that a lot. the challenge is not a photo a day, but to keep it interesting

(Deleted comment)
I'm with you on that. I think it will cause me to look more analytically at what is around me.

I think that its a male fantasy or something in the DNA of males that makes them want to go to the mountains, clear some land and build a log cabin by the lake. Tons of men express this kinda desire.
Mine isn't in the mountains but it was the same emotion.
some sort of independence/survival desire. ...hard to explain.

Challenge or not, keep them coming!

I love having your photos to look at...they're just a little tidbit that can brighten up my day. :)

OK there is the view from the other side today :-)

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