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355 view from the veranda

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The dock is kinda shabby, but works. The seasonal storms in Sept. and Oct. make a nice dock a risky investment.

Hi. How much would a property such as the one above cost ? Are there such properties available ?

about 350,000. usd is current but we got it a long time back when it was much cheaper :-)

Really ? With the global economic turn down are there any distress beachfront/waterfront properties that you know of that have a house for sale ?

By the way, if you do not mind saying, what are the yearly property taxes on a property such as yours ?

I'm in a country that doesn't have high taxes, I've spent more on a nice dinner than my yearly property taxes.
We haven't had much effect from the economic turn down in the states. i haven't noticed any distressed realestate sales :-)

Спасибо вам
Рад что понравилось.:)

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