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удачливый человек?

I sometime forget how lucky I am and how my life is different than most of the other 6 billion. I'm alive and healthy, enjoying the rewards of some decisions I made when I was young about how I would live my life.
A storm passed last night and this morning while having my coffee I visited the beach.  It was full of washed up drift wood and seaweed . The waves up rooted some young coconut trees I planted last year so I got a shovel and replanted them. The Boat faired the storm well but knocked a board loose from the new dock. My dogs found a dead fish and where fighting over it. They roll on their backs on top of it and try and touch it with every part of their body. I think they use the smell on them to hide themselves from wild pigs they some times hunt on the lagoon side of the island. Its Sunday and I can't go out in the boat because of the rough sea state so I'm going to work on the rain water collection system. It looks as if there is going to be a lot of free water delivered today, and it is so much fresher than my well water in the house.
Does this sound like I'm a lucky man to you?

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ужасный перевод)

Я знаю.
Это заставляет меня походить на идиота
Это позволяет мне понимать.
Я хочу быть в состоянии видеть в ваш мир
Я должен к, выбирал мои слова тщательно

понятно. может лучше и правда на английском?

как вам удобнее

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