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Woody in Palmettos

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Спасибо вам
love my Nikon

what kind of woodpecker is that? Is it local, or you can find it in US also?

Golden-fronted woodpecker , Melanerpes aurifrons The Male

yep, golden-fronted lives also in Texas

I've been seeing one around here pretty regularly too.
Here's my bird photos. I need a better zoom lens. But I don't think they are too bad. http://www.flickr.com/photos/amarook/sets/72157614904784977/

This is my fave of the red-bellied woodpecker that I've gotten so far.
Red bellied woodpecker

Your guy looks like it might be a Red-Vented Melanerpes pygmaeus.
is it kinda small like a sparrow?

Nope. He's not. He's about 2-3x the size of a sparrow.
I ID'ed him from this.


Oh... dur. I think red-vented probably means the same as red-bellied. lol

I think basically what I have is the northern version of what yours.

Edited at 2009-04-24 06:34 pm (UTC)

Digital Photography is big fun.

клёвый птиц! а его жрать можно?

Thanks, 'Barbie Death Camp' cracked me up, good show man.

ну да "Гитлер капут!" :)
журнал у Вас красивый и Вы клёвый - настоящий Паганель.

Thank You, I love the early morning light. lucky to have my coffee with this guy.

(Deleted comment)
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