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Double-Crested Cormorant
Phalacrocorax auritus

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(Deleted comment)

I'm a member of some but usually don't bother to post it twice, I bet there is some way to send it to them all one time. ..i need to explore the controls more.

The eyes are so striking! Beautiful photo, as always :)

its a strange mysterious bird that is common place all over the world, lots of interesting stories throughout recorded history.
none to do with beauty, all taboos and abuse.

Really? Do you know of any sites that would have information about the stories? I would be interested in reading those :)

Hah, there must be something odd going on because I saw one yesterday at the pond here, and we're quite a bit inland! (well, not too far for a cormorant commute but I have never seen one this far away from the ocean).

His eyes are like the precious stones

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