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Photo Shop Play

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Underwater photography seems to have its own unique Photo Shop treatments... reduce saturation 40, raise red 60 or more, contrast 20 or higher, brightness higher.

Looks good. I always work with curves and usually get pretty good results from that. Although some photos do require a lot of fine-tuning.

is it so strange?

shure, you have lack of red light underwater, so you should correct this balance manualy; also light dessipation in water reduce contrast, so you should correct this in your postprocessing
there are a plenty of algorythms to correct underwater photo, i give you two hints: you may change color temperature up to 9000K in RAW converter and use levels(ctrl+L in PS) for each color channel separately - the other side is increasing a level of color noise (thats why sometimes the better way is totally reduce color and made monochrome picture at all)

Curves?? you mean histograms?

Well, yeah - with the 'curves' function in CS2 (I haven't upgraded much) that basically lets you work with the histograms, and I just kind of do small tweaks here and there on the main RGB channel until I can find a good representation of something sharper or closer to reality than what I was able to pick up with my H2. If I can't find something suitable, then I usually go back and pick and choose with things like saturation or individual channels. I've been able to reveal clouds that weren't initially visible in curves because of my laziness in not switching to a good UV filter and thus getting a washed out image that hid pretty much the whole skyline under a wash of white.

For me, its the easiest way to work with the photo without altering too much - I use the eyedrop function to figure out which areas of the photo are in the higher/lighter areas of the histogram and which are in the darker/lower, and then kinda go from there.

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

yeah thanks , I'm a real newbe with PS

If this helps here it is before PS

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I don't understand in fotography at all:)

Wow! It's amazing to observe the difference.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks i love learning new PS features.

To me it looks a bit artificial.

Спасибо вам

Very beautiful. You really made the colors sharp, they pop! And awww I <3 sea turtles. :)

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