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Snail Kite on the Northern River, Belize
Rostrhamus sociabilis

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Raptors are bird groups like Hawks, Eagles and Falcons. Birds of Prey are not sociable animals but individuals. This bird is a contradiction to the rule. 'Sociabilis', It travels and hunts in flocks...but hunts a giant snail called 'Apple Snail' the Northern River has an abundance of Apple Snail.

Edited at 2009-06-17 06:19 pm (UTC)

Nice, they live in Florida, too

Does Florida have Apple Snails, Have you ever seen one?

No, I have never been to Florida, I just recently looked at bird catalog, that's how I know. And yes, southern Florida does have apple snails

Um.... why don't I see a bird?

I'm posting a 1000 pixel wide image.

OK. Yes it was too large and the bird was offscreen. When I right-clicked and selected "view image," I was able to see the whole thing. Gorgeous bird!!

Thanks, I have a lot of fun taking digital photos of birds.

If that something the population can't see I need to adjust. I have a Dell flat screen monitor, that might be the difference.

(Deleted comment)
OOPS! I mean Thank You :-)

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