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Todays Turtle

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That is the most serene thing I have seen all day.

Absolutely stunning.

Your work just gets better and better!

You've made my day . thank you

Just beautiful! I can't believe how calm and lovely it is. You are lucky to have been so close to such a wonderful animal.

i'm practicing getting her trust buy not touching, not making aggressive fast moves and not looking at her while i get closer.
I'm seeing two or three almost every time i visit this spot.

Thanks , Its a lot of fun.

That's just amazing, and has brightened my day. Thank you!

that might be what its all about.

Спасибо вам
Обожаю море!

Замечательный снимок..
На одном из островов в Индийском океане, очень сожалел, что не взял на погружение камеру, когда с нами плавала большая черепаха...

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