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Frigate and moon

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I would have been more impressed with this shot if it was taken before photo Shop existed. now that this could have been done with photo shop tricks ,its not as impressive.
Its the best of about 40 try's to get him flying passing the moon as a fisherman fed him fish.
not a photo shop trick.

Great alignment! Patience paid off then.

The big work!
I have heard nothing about the Photoshop ;-)

this is a real magic flyght!
olvays nice shot!

Большое спасибо!

I never assume, with such brilliant photos as yours, that they might be photoshop tricks. This is gorgeous. I know very little about cameras (apart from the fact that I need a better one) but I presume this was done with a very very fast shutter speed?

Yes, its a fascinating hobby.
With the advent of Photo Shop photos can now be created where for instance one could just copy a moon and place it where you choose. and if the sky isn't blue , well just add blue. in some ways its wonderful.
but sometimes it robs the glory of getting the shot right in reality.
I always run everything through photo shop but for processing things like spots, color balance, contrast , cropping etc. not things that might change the reality of the photo. I'm trying to depict the birds truthfully.

I like to 'artistically adjust' photos, but I never try to make out that they were taken like that!

I'm actually quite interested in how experienced photographers use Photoshop... some of the things that I've thought of as rather 'cheating' in painting seem quite natural to photographers. *smiles*

Your patience with this shot is just astonishing. (I can't remember - do you fish? I most associate this sort of patience with people who fish.)

frigate andmoon

what is this a pix of?! appears blank to me? nice shade of blue, tho...

Re: frigate andmoon

Humm I think its a browser adjustment your seeing the image to large. something on your lj controls allows or doesn't allow a size change.

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