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Yesterday in the great Blue Hole
Juan Carlos took this yesterday at the end of the dive.

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It has a eerie look to it. but everything in the hole is eerie.

Something about this light and angle i really like the feel of this shot.

(Deleted comment)
Its an odd feeling. No one seems to get bit but it keeps a person checking the rear regularly.

gorgeous! the light is amazing.

Oh my goodness, how amazing. What sort of shark is it? I've snorkelled with sharks - just reef sharks, but they were really quite large (well, large to me - about 2m) - up in Far North Queensland, but I've never dived. That one looks so beautiful, and as you say, eerie. Thank you once again for sharing amazing photos!

Gray Caribbean Reef Shark.
Thank you its all fun.

Usually on this dive we see 7 or 8 that range from 6 to 8 feet.
lot of chumming on the end of the dive attracts them . its a tourist diver site and the operators all chum to entertain the divers. Its getting more dangerous as time goes by.
A thrill, but an accident waiting for the wrong move.

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