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Black-Necked Stilt
Himantopus mexicanus

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Thank You.
another lucky shot :-)

Wow, looks like he/she's wearing a tux.

He, Yes
This is on a golf course Island. some mega rich guy bought an entire island about 20 miles from my house and made the entire island 18 holes. its mega cool and full of birds taking advantage of the fresh water and flora.
Hea goodlookin Avatar as usual.

What a sweet expression this bird has. I also love the reflection on the water.

Thank you
I don't see them often it makes them a little special.

buy the way nice black bikini ;-)

Very like the Eurasian black-winged Stilt. Great reflection there!

The population is growing due to rice feilds and shrimp farming ...and of course Golf now. :-)


рад что понравилось.
замечательные птицы.

Wednesday, hopefully, I'll go to this beach/estuary/rivermouth area. There will be plenty of these guys there

Have a good trip and post some shots.

(Deleted comment)
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