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Sunday Morning

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Thank You.
and I did'nt even have to get out of my chair :-)

This one is in Utilla Honduras.
Thank You

Edited at 2009-09-21 12:13 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks Girl. Isn't this Fun.
good to hear from you.

до знакомства с твоими работами я боялся, что уже окончательно стал равнодушен к пернатым. спасибо!

Да, меня тоже.
Затем сюрприз

Thank You

Thank You. while haveing my coffee this morning, a little visitor.

Отличный кадр!

What a beautiful bird.

Any idea which one it is?

Oooo, I love this one too!

wow. He/she is amazingly pretty!

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