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Yucatan Jays are back
Cyanocorax yucatanicus 
with Immatures

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The flock showed up sept. 30-Oct.1 with young.
lots of migratory birds like heron and warbler showed up about the same time.

Класс!Какой у них синий цвет красивый!

One of my favorite birds.

aw! so funny & cute looking

This photo made me gasp. I like how it appears the parent is demonstrating how to drink water to the babies.

Yes I thought the same . she did it in the feeder as well she picked it up and put it in their mouths.
They didn't seem to think they could also pick it up.

Большое спасибо!

Спасибо, рад что понравилось.:))

Спасибо вам

(Deleted comment)
Рассмешить, Спасибо вам Спасибо вам
рад что понравилось

they almost look as if they were toys....... your presentation of these creatures is excellent

Thanks, These guys where a mystery to me for years i looked for them all over the island and suddenly one day they just found me.
they come every day in the fall and winter the i suppose they go north a little for the summer months.

At the paint-pot again! You made a scruffy job of some of their heads, though...

Great shot - incredible colours, Thanks!

oh, they're wild.
most excellent shot! looks like a party :)

Какие удивительно прекрасные создания! А какие заботливые родители:)

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