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    I needed to allow Bubba to publicly express himself as promised so we agreed the two of us would co-author my weekly column for the Sun. The newspaper must have printed this under an assumption that I was writing using a dual personality pen name!

   Bubba believes that educating the masses is the best place to start his campaign for bird awareness, so for his first article he wrote..........



How to Change The World
in Three Easy Steps

By Bubba

It is said that when a human stands on the rim of the Grand Canyon and looks to the other side, they have an emotional experience.

I’ve heard them say, ’we just seem so damn tiny.’

  Likewise, the challenge that afflicts Ambergris Caye can seem overwhelming in scope and scale. When problems are as big as overfishing, Pollution and coastal overdevelopment, it’s easy to think that there’s no way one person can do anything to bring about positive change. But just as the trek to the peak of Mt. Everest is made step by tiny step, positive change often comes in tiny increments.

Awareness, Legislation and Enforcement are the blue print for positive change. My big rock to chip at is Awareness!

We understand there is no easy way to reverse the tide of environmental degradation, but we also understand that given a simple choice between eco-friendly and environmentally damaging practices, the vast majority will choose to do what’s best for the Island.

Ambergris Caye in its remote and forgotten corner has been exempt in the past from the consequences the rest of the world has been paying for its mismanagement of development and the environment but that’s about to change with paradise discovered.

 What, you may ask, has this to do with Birds? The Birds environment and the environment we live in, are the same environment. Efforts for either are parallel. Standing on a soapbox and shaking your finger to the sky in this age will get you ignored but entertain and you message will be remembered Pointing out the beauty and creating awareness of its care and maintainace to the masses who read the newspaper may be just one birddogs effort, but with every person I successfully effect to smile, the situation improves incrementally,

And suddenly we don’t seem so tiny anymore.