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Emerald Hummer

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How beautiful! Wonderful shot.

Thanks, I'm still looking for a more specific ID there are several Emerald Hummingbirds.

Невероятно красиво!

Спасибо вам

No but, thanks for making me smile.
Спасибо за то, у меня улыбку.

Wow!! Talk about being dressed up for the ball. Gorgeous.

Thanks. Do you know which Emerald this is i can't find it.

Wow the colors are so beautiful! And it looks like it is posing for the camera as well :)

I like to slowly get closer until they look at me.
If you look at my bird photos you'll notice this technique works , but you have to be quick because just after they notice you enough to look into the lens ,they fly away.

you are an incredible photographer and you have some amazing subjects!

Thankyou thankyou Is fun and it keeps me out of the bars :-0

Yes , Iridescence is awesome they seem to never look the same way twice.

oh, so glad I popped in to see what you've been shooting.
this is marvelous!
hope you are well xx

I've very well thanks
Having fun ,healthy and looking for another adventure.
Thinking about moving more north into a less populated spot on the island. more wild life and less neighbors.
I must be a hermit art heart.
I'm living on the edge of the world and still want to go further.

Thank You i'm enjoying your photography as well

I will look and let you know.

(Deleted comment)
Still trying to ID it.

Спасибо вам, рад что понравилось
I like your Sketches
ОЧЕНЬ хорошо!

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