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Sarcoramphus papa,'Holloween?'
Sarcoramphus papa
The King Vulture in Belize

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Sarcoramphus papa translates to 'Father of the coffin'.
The King vulture eats the eye balls of the dead first. All the other vulture species wait until he is finished to have their share of the carrion.

Edited at 2009-10-31 03:49 pm (UTC)

The pouch below his chest is an extended stomach. When he eats meals are far between and he gorges himself using the extra room of this pouch. local lore has it that he throws up on you if you get to close but in reality he regenerates the contents of the stomach to enable him to fly away by dropping the load that is preventing his take off.

Gorgeous Bird!! I love Vultures. Yeah they have some nasty habits, but they are still beautiful. =)

We have 4 species here .
I found a tree of them waiting outside the slaughter house in the Cayo district, one of the few times i didnt have my camera with me.

Thanks for a very creepy bird for the holiday!

Your welcome , he seems perfect doesn't he.

Nonono - this bird is not from here. It comes directly from HELL.

Legend has it eating babys.

Now, that is an ugly bird!

Yes only its mother could love

Он так близко подпустил к себе? Кстати, у вас там гарпии водятся (Harpy eagle)?

happy Halloween bubba! (late) i'm still SOBER! hope you are doing well.. peace :-)

Me also
feels good doesn't it. Good to hear from you, I've been wondering.

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