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Lots of Rain is bring out the creatures
Tree Frog Ambergris Caye

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(I do not know how to say in English, but may translate if necessary)

Она была в моем доме.


At it very pleasant smile! :)

I just noticed, it does look like its smiling.

Wow, what a cool frog. For some reason frogs creep me out.

spiders give me the willies but frogs are just cute.

i thought they were venomous ...

I think they are poison if you eat them and taste bad as a defense mechanism.

aaaaah! gorgeous creatures! and smart too :o)

hey, it's not a frog - it's an ass!! Buridan's ass :o)))

I love frogs!!! They are my favorite creature. They just found frogs that have fangs although it looked more like a toad to me. Tree frogs are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. =) BTW, I collect frogs. I am a nut like that.

yea Toads are definitely different, never hear anyone say,
'Cute Toad'.

Actually I am the dork that says toads are cute. We have some really pretty ones in the desert that are hardy little fellows. I like frogs and toads equally well.

He wasnt afraid and just stayed on me.

We've had a tremendous amount of rain and more coming. lots of critters looking for high ground around my house.
the house is a little 'Airy' and they seem to find ways to come inside.

Nikon 200-18 zoom on close up feature in camera.
it was all i had handy

One more confirmation. It is not in the camera.

I haven't forgotten your refrigerator magnet collection but its unlikely I'll find, but will look.

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