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Orchid at Lamani in Belize

The fresh water environment and rain forest canopy provide for this orchid.

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i shot this along the northern river at lamani.

There are about 300 different ones in Belize.
Myrmecophila tibicinis
Very large orchid with huge pseudobulbs (which are filled with ants). local guides call it the "cow horn orchid".

Edited at 2009-11-20 05:52 pm (UTC)

IMHO Orchids are raw sex. The best of natures efforts to attract, and its not Freudian that it looks like a vagina it is.

Oh, it seems I am too naive one: this flower looks like a drawn face with a little Spanish beard. IMHO, as you said. )

I see the nose!

But yeah, at first I saw a vajayjay.

I had to google that :-)first time I've heard it called that :-)

Very nice shot! When I first looked at it, I thought the orchid had a nose :p

Thanks the little ant was hard to get in the shot.
Those guys dont stand still much.

(Deleted comment)
Женской репродуктивной сосуд....для Орхидея.

(Deleted comment)
Моя любимая всегда является женщина. ;-)

It almost doesn't look like a flower, though it certainly looks organic and very, very alive. Oh! I just noticed the ants! ;)

Наиболее эротического характера может предложить.

It looks like Shakespeare ;)

А в орхидеи я влюбилась, когда мы жили во Вьетнаме...Увы, фотографировать тогда я не умела( не очень умею и сейчас, но пытаюсь:)

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