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Deer in Belize Pastureland

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I spent a week in this area and there are hundreds of deer because the ranch nearby doesn't harvest its corn , its grown for research.
But this area also have worlds highest density of jaguar.


Fantastic photo.

Nice. What was the focal length?

Спасибо вам
I'm sure hes happy :-)
No hunting for 135,000 acres.

(Deleted comment)
I'm pretty sure we don't have hunting seasons in Belize. i never see hunting as a sport here.
granted some farmers shoot food in the wild, but its not a sport here and i don't think we have hunting seasons.

I don't know how you so frequently close to the wildlife, even allowing for a 400mm lens; you must be part ninja. I do love your photos, though.

thanks, Have you noticed they all seem to be looking at me?
I just get slowly closer and closer until they notice me and i let that be my cue to shoot.

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